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In the following sections, we provide for you some general information about infrastructure and public transport in the area as well as direction on how to get to the Conference Venue. Furthermore, you can find an orientation on the Essen Campus where the Conference will take place.

Infrastructure and Public Transport in the Ruhr Area

The Ruhr area is a populous urban region with numerous towns and cities lying close together. As one of the largest and most central cities of the Ruhr area, Essen is connected to surrounding cities and thoroughfares. To help you find your way around, we will explain the basic infrastructure and most important means of public transportation in the Essen area below.

From Düsseldorf International Airport, the nearest airport in the region, it is a   30 minutes’ trip to the conference venue. The next Airport, Köln/Bonn International (CGN), is about 60 minutes away. From both airports, you can reach Essen by car or  train (Essen main station / Essen Hauptbahnhof).

Public transport by train in Germany is mostly organised by Deutsche Bahn. Essen Hbf (Essen main station) can be reached by express trains (ICE, IC, EC) as well as by regional trains.

The public commute through Essen and its direct surroundings is organised by Ruhrbahn/EVAG which provides transportation by subway, tram, and bus. The University of Duisburg-Essen can be reached by subway as well as by tram and bus. For more detailed information please see “Arrival by public transport”.

Tickets for express trains of Deutsche Bahn usually include public transportation through the destination for the day of your travel. Further, the Ruhrbahn provides Tickets for single trips as well as for one or several days. They can be purchased at Essen main station, in the bus or at the ticket machines at all subway and tram stations.

Accessibility: While not all tram vehicles provide full Disability Access, subway and busses as well as most subway stations are fully accessible with wheelchairs and strollers. For more detailed information about accessibility in public transport in Essen please see: https://www.ruhrbahn.de/essen/service/barrierefreiheit.html

Bikes can be rent at Metropolrad Ruhr and can be used within the city boundaries. The Metropolrad bikes are located at numerous stations throughout Essen, several of them located around the conference venue of Essen Campus. At each station, bikes can be rented or returned. The use of Metropolrad Ruhr requires a registration under the following link: http://www.metropolradruhr.de/en/information/

Arrival at the Conference Venue

Arrival by public transport

While the conference will mainly be held at the university building S06, the opening ceremony will take place in another venue (Glaspavillon) on the campus. Since the two buildings are located quite a bit apart, there are two different routes for public transport.

Your way to the opening ceremony venue Glaspavillon (tram station: Rheinischer Platz)

Arriving at Essen main station, please leave the station building to the direction Freiheit. At the exit, please take the stairs or elevator to the subway system where you can first buy a ticket at the ticket machines. For a single ride to your destination Rheinischer Platz, you will need a A3 ticket.

To get to your ride, please go further down to platform 1+3. Here, you can take the tram lines 105 (terminating at Frintrop-Unterstraße) or 106 (terminating at Germaniaplatz) that depart from platform 1 and both go to Rheinischer Platz in about five minutes.

Arriving at the station, please take the only exit to the left. Take a left to Exit A (Rheinischer Platz, Universität). The venue of the opening ceremony is about 300 meters away, directly behind the traffic light. Arriving on the pillars place, the entrance is on your left.

Your way to the main conference venue S06 (subway station: Universität)

Arriving at Essen main station, please leave the station building to the direction Freiheit. At the exit, please take the stairs or elevator to the subway system where you can first buy a ticket at the ticket machines. For a single ride to your destination Universität, you will need a A3 ticket.

To get to your ride, please go further down to platform 1+3. Here, you can take the subway train U11 (terminating at GE-Buerer Str.) or U17 (terminating at Altenessen) that depart from platform 3 and both go to Universität (3rd stop).

Arriving at the station, please go to the left towards Exit A+B (Universität). When you come up the stairs, please take Exit A (Universität). When you leave the subway system, please pass the building on your left and take a left up the stairs. The conference venue S06 is now directly ahead of you.

Arriving by car

A52 coming from Düsseldorf:

  • Take exit Essen Süd
  • Follow the signs to “Universität”

A52 coming from Essen-Huttrop:

  • Take exit Essen-Bredeney
  • Turn right onto Ruhrallee
  • Follow the signs to “Universität”

A40 coming from Mülheim:

  • Take exit Essen-Zentrum
  • Turn left twice onto Hans-Böckler-Strasse (B224)
  • Follow the signs to “Universität”

A40 coming from Bochum:

  • Take exit Essen-Zentrum
  • Turn right under the railway bridge onto Hindenburgstrasse
  • Follow the signs to “Universität”


  • Motorway junction Essen-Nord
  • Turn onto Gladbecker Strasse (B224)
  • Follow the signs to “Universität”

Orientation on the Essen Campus

Above, please see the route between the two conference venues on the Essen Campus. We will sign out the whole route very closely to make sure that you will find your way without any trouble. If you have any questions concerning the orientation, please don´t hesitate to turn to members of the organising team or to the student assistants who will be wearing blue shirts with the University of Duisburg-Essen logo.

The route to the Campus Canteen will be signed out as well. Please note that the Canteen is located on the 1st floor of its building.


Orientation at the Venue

Glass Pavilion

The Glass Pavilion is located on the ground floor, right at the building´s entrance on the red pillars place. At the entrance, you will find the registration and coffee station (August 27 & 29) as well as wardrobes (no liability).

The ceremony and keynote hall is located right next to the entrance room.


S06 Building

Paper Sessions, Symposia and the Poster Exhibition will take place at the S06 building on the ground and 1st floor.

Right at the entrance, you will find the registration desk on your right (from August 27, 10:30). The Poster Exhibition takes place right behind the registration desk at the ground floor foyer. At the end of the foyer, you can find the refreshment stations for coffee breaks.

Panels are held in three different rooms. Room S06 S00 B32 and S06 S00 B41 can be found on the ground floor as the 4th and 5th room left of the foyer. Room S06 S01 B29 can be found on the 1st floor on the same side. Panel rooms will be marked and signposted.

Lunch and general reception on August 27 will take place at S06 S00 B29 which is the 3rd room left of the foyer.

On the right side of the ground floor foyer, you can find a leisure and work room right next to the refreshment stations (S06 S00 A40).

Presenters can use room S06 S01 B35 (1st floor) for preparation and/or storage (no liability).

The children´s room can be found on the 1st floor right to the left of the elevators.